Each unique handmade model is constructed with the highest attention to detail using the latest technology. We use laser cutting/engraving technology to create the most accurate and precise forms and facades to the model to create the foundations.

We can use 3D printing technology to create any organic and sculptural elements to the project, ideal for any repetitive ornaments and sculptural details such as gargoyles, lions etc. Metal acid etchings help create the more finer and intricate details. Once all parts have been created and carefully assembled, they are painted and 'weathered' down to the very last detailed brick.

Each model is carefully crafted and framed in specially designed bespoke solid hardwood box frames constructed by our most talented cabinet makers. We offer a choice of hardwoods from American dark walnut to White oak to Light beech wood, depending on which most suits the model.

The process begins with a short site visit if possible or through the best quality photos and images supplied to us if the building is not easily accessible, or where the property is not in the UK. From this we work out which part of the building you would like to focus on and then record as much data as possible using pictures, close up details, a measured architectural survey and colour tone recordings.

From all the data gathered we then construct a full range of AutoCAD drawings of the project. At this point we can confirm the size of your model and picture frame. The CAD file will then be emailed for your approval before we begin the construction of your model.

Usually it would be the front of the house or the façade,which is normally the gateway to your home and is most memorable. We will capture as much of the façade including any greenery and foliage as possible, including some of the front garden. We can also add in subtle details and background elements if they are important to the scheme.

Once finalised we break the drawing down into many layers of which the majority of the model will be constructed from laser cut Acrylic panels with all the details laser etched accordingly.

Other parts are constructed using 3D printing technology with finer details fabricated using fine metal etchings, capturing the exact details to scale. More complex components such as ornate columns or gargoyles are hand sculpted in model clay then pre-cast in resins to achieve a true representation.

Each component is carefully painted and glued together to duplicate its' identity and character' and this is when scenic weathering techniques are applied to the model - magically turning it from an 'architectural model' into a stunning 'miniature wonder'! Most architectural models appear sterile and cold, but by using our unique and traditional techniques, the model is transformed into a wonderfully realistic 'buidling' with great charm and visual presence.

For an extra 'wow' factor, we can add the latest technology LED light panels into the model, which can be switched easily accessed from the side of the picture frame.


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